The City of Burnaby had their first Pride event in 2018. In 2019, Burnaby held two Pride events, a Friday night Rainbow Garden Party at Burnaby Civic Square and a Saturday Street Party on Jubilee Avenue. In 2020, we are planning on having a one day event at Burnaby Civic Square with family activities and entertainment during the day then an evening transition to adult entertainment and fun.

Burnaby Pride has booked Queer as Funk to headline Burnaby Pride’s 2020 celebrations.

Burnaby Pride’s event will be on June 25th, 2020.

“In the time that I have worked with Heather, they have proven to be an exceptionally supportive, empowering, and optimistic leader within the Working Group and the greater community. They have been fundamental in creating a space where others feel safe and supported in sharing, learning, and contributing towards the increased visibility and recognition of the LGBTQ2SIA+ community in Burnaby, and have provided invaluable insight, education, and support around incorporating accessibility and accessible practices into every step of our planning for Burnaby Pride.

Heather’s work is deeply rooted in intersectionality, recognizing and respecting the uniqueness of our individual identities and experiences, and is continually evaluating their approach to learning from and engaging others in the pursuit of becoming a better advocate and ally for all.”

Evelyn McGowan (she/her), 2019 Burnaby Pride Coordinator

Photo credit: Cameron Bowman