Following the first years of growth, CAN started to become more well-known and took on projects throughout the province, offering feedback to bus companies on Vancouver Island, the Interior, and Metro Vancouver. CAN also worked with taxi driver programs and RideHailing driver training. CAN was created because of transportation issues and transportation remains a priority for us.

As CAN interacted with more communities, we realized there was a lack of education about life with a disability. CAN created and delivered workshops, seminars, and presentations at conferences across the province. We have utilized our members’ lived experience to help shape and shift perception of people with disabilities.

In addition to educating businesses, organizations, and communities about life with a disability, CAN began to advocate on the behalf of individuals, communities, and groups. We started partnering with other organizations to work together to create palpable change through reports, policy, and community building.

CAN’s direction has been shaped by need. As we gained members, visited more communities, and spoke with more advocates, we realized where there was a need for our work. For a grassroots organization that started from a single issue, we have grown into an organization with projects throughout the province. As we grew we saw a need to address the multiple identities that people with disabilities live with (gender, sexuality, race, age, geographics, etc.) and how that affects access, equity, and participation. CAN started working with organizations, individuals, and fellow consultants in the queer and BIPOC (black, indigenous, person of colour) communities. CAN is committed to educating ourselves as we move into these spaces, utilizing every possible learning opportunity and the many fellow consultants doing amazing work. We truly believe we are better when together.

We are very excited by the new chapter Creating Accessible Neighbourhoods is starting in 2020.