Creating Accessible Neighbourhoods

Disability Awareness

Public Workshops: 2 hour length

Private Workshops: Customizable length

People with disabilities represent the world’s largest minority, and the only minority group that any of us can become a member of at any time. People with disabilities are also the third largest economic power behind China and the United States and yet they still experience barriers, prejudice, and bias on a daily basis.

Our workshop challenges all to more fully address ableist notions of how we think about, and label, our bodies, minds, and senses.

Our Disability Awareness workshops gives you the tools to understand what disability is, the types of disability, the current language of disability, what ableism is, how you can actively work to fight against it, and tips for disabled people and allies alike to better ensure equity in all that you do.

We deliver introduction workshops as well as more advanced workshops. We are able to customize our workshops for your needs. We have done Disability Awareness workshops specific to: education, employment, events, customer service, Disability Justice, and more.

Instructor: Heather McCain, a disabled, neurodivergent, trans, asexual/queer advocate and educator.

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“The Intro to Disability Justice workshop held by Heather McCain was one of the most thought-provoking, in-depth, and necessary workshops I’ve ever taken. Heather grounded teachings on disability justice in the context of the systems of oppression created by colonialism, and held firm solidarity with Indigenous, Black, and people of colour. In addition to creating a welcome and judgement-free space, Heather seemed to create the workshop with a care for themselves, their community, and all the participants involved. The workshop wasn’t a box to check in allyship; the workshop was, instead, empowering in its transformative call to action. It left me feeling like I had the tools to ask questions, dig deeper, and do the work in my own life and organization to prioritize accessibility and inclusion in an intentional and meaningful way.”

Jessica Johns, managing editor, Room, programming director, Growing Room Literary Festival 

Sun-like shape in rainbow colours.

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