Burnaby Pride events are made in thanks to feedback and suggestions from community members who participate in the Burnaby Pride Community Action Network (PCAN). PCAN members recommend community partners, donors, entertainment, and other vital components of Pride events. PCAN members also meet after each year’s Pride events to discuss what was done well and what can be improved at future events.

Creating Accessible Neighbourhoods will be facilitating the PCAN meetings and act as the connection between PCAN and the Burnaby Pride organizing committee. CAN will also do community outreach to find more members for PCAN and learn what Burnaby residents would like Burnaby Pride to look like, as well as to find out what other possible LGBTQ2SIA+ events or programming Burnaby could offer.

If you are interested in joining PCAN, or would like more information, contact Heather at info@burnabypride.com or 604.437.7331

Burnaby Pride’s event is held on June 25th, 2020.

Photo credit: Cameron Bowman