This workshop is offered in two formats: conversation-based and educational. We welcome people who are interested in learning about Gender and Sexuality. This is a comfortable environment in which to ask questions even if you are unsure you have the appropriate language or way to ask your questions.

We welcome anyone who wants to learn more and develop an understanding of those within the LGBTQ2SIA+ community.

Conversational Workshop:

This workshop empowers you to develop an increased level of comfort of understanding about Gender and Sexuality. The conversation is guided by the participants. We want to answer the questions you have. If we don’t have the answers, we will assist you in discovering where to find the answers.

Educational Workshop

This workshop is an educational presentation about the rainbow alphabet: LGBTQ2SIA+. We cover the various types of gender and sexuality, intersecting identities, language, and ways you can be an ally. Time allows for a Q&A.

The facilitator, Heather McCain, a disabled, trans, queer person, is an experienced public speaker and educator who engages people of all levels of learning. In addition to being the founder and Executive Director of Creating Accessible Neighbourhoods, Heather runs Chronically Queer, a support group for Queer folk who live with chronic health conditions and is an organizer of Burnaby Pride.

Other facilitators include members of Chronically Queer.

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Photo Credit: Disabled and Here