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Adaptive Sports & Rec Guide

Adaptive Sports & Recreation Guide




Adapted Art
Location: Provincial - Multiple Locations
Type of Sport(s) and/or Recreation: Personal Artist

Click for more about artist A.J. Brown

A.J. Brown

A.J. Brown is a local artist based in West Vancouver. She exhibits her art in galleries throughout BC. A.J. has a monthly email of her event listings, to subscribe to her newsletter, or to find out more about A.J. and her art, visit her website at  

A.J. Brown started to explore various arts in 1999, as a way to overcome personal fears. A.J. Brown had a brain injury during birth.  This brain injury caused her to become Deaf and to have Cerebral Palsy.  As a result, she has difficulty speaking and using sign language coherently.  However, she uses a portable communication device which speaks for her, when she types out her words in written English.  She uses email and sign language interpreters to communicate as well.

Creating allows A.J. to express her soul-voice in a way that others can respond to.  When she creates, it feels as if something spiritual guides her.  She needs to continue on her spiritual path.  Self expression is one way to do this.  Art connects her to her Spiritual Self.  Her art flows from her Spiritual Self.

A.J. is self taught.  She works with acrylic paint and uses other media.  Each piece of her art is unique.  She paints slowly and meticulously for one, and fast and impatient for another. Each has its own ‘personality’:  One will have vibrant, wild, lush colours, and another will have shy, withdrawn, tame, muted colours..  Her work shows how she feels right at the moment of creation. A.J. has different inspirations:  a memory, a movie, another piece of art, visions, words, herself, an event, and her cat!  What will come out, she never knows.  Her preferred subjects include nature, magic and her cat.

Since 2002, A.J.’s work has been exhibited in several galleries, including the CityScape Art Space, a Deaf art show at the Vancouver Community College, the Ferry Building Gallery and the Harmony Arts Festival, with their ‘Art Beat’.  She traveled to Quebec City to show her art in 2006.  She is excited with the growing interest in her work and her evolution as an artist.  She won awards for academic study.  In 2004, A.J. published a book which she wrote and illustrated.

With her arts and through her images, she can be heard.  She resides in West Vancouver, with her gorgeous cat, Rumbles.

A.J. Brown's Contact Information:
Contact Person: A.J. Brown

Agur Lake Camp
Location: Summerland
Type of Sport(s) and/or Recreation: Camping

Click for more about Agur Lake Camp

Agur Lake Camp is BC's only wilderness retreat for people with disabilities and their families and caregivers. It is a calm oasis for rest and rejuvenation from the challenges of living with illness or a disability.

The lake is 20 km west of Summerland, in the wilderness along a well-maintained logging road. Agur Lake Camp is where you come to get away from it all.

At least one person in your party must have a disability; our campers include anyone with special needs, physical disabilities, limited mobility and seniors. Frequent guests include group homes, support groups, Special Olympics groups, families and extended families.

Please note a power and regular wheel chair is available for use for overnight and day use campers. Please book in advance when making a reservation.

Agur Lake Camp has three gorgeous 1368 sq ft cabins, each sleeps 6, all are fully furnished and fully accessible and with room for the largest of wheelchairs. They have covered wrap-around porches and BBQ's situated between cabins (please do not move them to the deck). The cabin kitchens are fully stocked with cookware, utensils, dinnerware and small appliances such as a coffee makers. Each cabin has a selection of games, puzzles and books but please bring anything specific to play with your group.

80% of the paths are paved with the remaining paths hard packed gravel. Some of the trails can be hilly so an electric wheelchair could be useful. If it is not possible to bring that type of chair with you, the Site Supervisors are more than happy to help you around the camp on one of the golf carts. They can take you down to the fishing dock or picnic pavilion and pick you back up again later on.
Phone: 250-809-7130

Phone: 250-809-7130

Adaptive Recreation Cowichan (ARC)
Location: Cowichan
Type of Sport(s) and/or Recreation: Sailing, Hiking

Click for more about Adaptive Recreation Cowichan (ARC)

Benefits of Getting Active
The mission of Adaptive Recreation Cowichan is to provide quality indoor/outdoor sports and therapeutic recreation programs that positively impact the lives of people with physical, cognitive, emotional, or mental health disability.

For people with disabilities, the sense of freedom and independence associated with sailing is unrivaled. Sailing is an activity where, through the use of adaptive technology, people with significant physical limitations can compete equally with able-bodied persons.

This program is hosted by the Ladysmith Maritime Society and offers the leisure experience of sailing.

Sailors can be adults or children with visible or non-visible disabilities. Lessons will be available at a cost of $10.00 per lesson to experience the joys of sailing, to become independent sailors, or to refine present skills for competitive sailing.

TrailRiders are pieces of adaptive hiking equipment to take people with physical disabilities exploring the wilderness. Built using lightweight aluminum, the vehicle resembles a rickshaw with two handles at the front, and two at the back. A large pneumatic tire allows the TrailRider to roll easily over rocky, rough terrain, tree roots and through streams.

Persons are easily transferred and secured onto a Trailrider making a trail ride enjoyable and safe. Recently, a Trailrider was used to allow a disabled rider to climb Mount Everest!

These Trailriders can be loaned out to members of our society at no charge for up to three days at a time. Donations greatly appreciated!

Adaptive Recreation Cowichan (ARC)
#103 – 121 First St.
Duncan, BC, V9L 1R1
Phone: (250) 746.3930

Adaptive Yoga
Location: Vancouver, Victoria
Type of Sport(s) and/or Recreation: Yoga

Click for more about Adaptive Yoga

Adapted yoga offers a safe, calm environment for people with physical disabilities to practice meditative breathing and movement. Please note that participants who may require substantial physical or behavioural support may be asked to attend alongside a guardian or support worker.

Adaptive Yoga - Vancouver Location
Location: Christchurch Cathedral
Organization: Cerebral Palsy Association of BC
Phone: 604-408-9484

Adaptive Yoga - Victoria Location
Location: Oaklands Community Center
Organization: Cerebral Palsy Association of BC
Phone: 604-408-9484

ALL-4 -DANCE Special Stars Dance Program
Location: Surrey
Type of Sport(s) and/or Recreation: Dance

Click for more about ALL-4 -DANCE Special Stars Dance Program

All-4-Dance, located on the border of Surrey and Langley, has started a Special Stars Dance Program. This program is designed for children of all abilities and is to allow them to dance. We believe that every child has the right and ability to dance. Dance increases coordination and confidence as well as allowing dancers to express themselves. Dance allows people to connect across many lines and helps build community as every one is united with a common passion.

Unit # 108 19292 60 Ave, Surrey, BC V3S 3M2
Phone: (604) 805-6443

Art Without Limits
Location: Burnaby, West Vancouver
Type of Sport(s) and/or Recreation: Art

Click for more about Art Without Limits

Come join the Cerebral Palsy Association of British Columbia as we launch our exciting, new expressive arts program. For an hour each week, children and youth with disabilities can express themselves through artistic mediums.

Led by Heather Korlak, a qualified teacher and expressive arts therapist with a background in visual art, participants will have a great outlet to explore their creativity while socializing.

Location: Burnaby, 7724 Royal Oak Avenue
Organization: Cerebral Palsy Association of BC
Phone: 604-408-9484

Location: West Vancouver, 1756 Argyle Ave
Organization: Cerebral Palsy Association of BC
Phone: 604-408-9484

Athletics Canada
Location: Any Track Club Near You or High School Track Team
Type of Sport(s) and/or Recreation: Track and Field and Cross Country Running

Click for more about Athletics Canada

Para-athletics is the sport of Track and Field for those with a physical disability and consists of 27 different classifications. If you have Cerebral Palsy, a Spinal Cord Injury, a Visual Impairment, an Amputation or another physical disability there are opportunities for you to get involved in Para-athletics through your local club or high school track team. If you are in high school you can join your track or cross country team and there are championships for Para-athletes right along side the able-bodied championships. You’ll learn how to excel at running, jumping, throwing or wheeling and compete against others of similar ability and train with friends or peers from around your local area. There are many opportunities to get involved, get active and if you are willing to put in the work maybe even shoot for a national team. If you want to get involved and see how far you can go please feel free to contact Billy Reed (604.787.5281 or and we’ll get you started.

Organization: Athletics Canada
Contact Person: Billy Reed
Phone: 604.787.5281


B.C. Blind Sports & Recreation Association
Location: Provincial - Multiple Locations
Type of Sport(s) and/or Recreation: Multiple Sports - Athletics (Track and Field), Curling, Dragon Boat, Goalball, Golf, Hockey, Judo, Karate, Lawn Bowls, Powerlifting, Showdown, Skiing, Swimming, Tandem Cycling, Triathlon, Wrestling

Click for more about the BC Blind Sports and Recreation Association

B.C. Blind Sports and Recreation Association

The British Columbia Blind Sports and Recreation Association, B.C.BSRA, was organized in October 1975 in order to send B.C. athletes to the 1976 National Championships and Selection Trials for the Olympics for the Physically Disabled (now called the Paralympics) in Toronto.

The B.C. Blind Sports and Recreation Association is a not for profit association of individuals who are blind, visually impaired, deaf-blind, or are blind and have additional disabilities; and their families and other supporters. Our services are provided throughout the province of British Columbia and are available to individuals of all ages. We work closely with the CNIB, other organizations in the field of blindness, other vision professionals, and the generic physical activity system in order to improve access and opportunities for participation in physical activity.

Facilitate participation in all aspects of physical activity for British Columbians who are blind, visually impaired, deaf-blind, or who are blind/visually impaired and have additional disabilities. Physical education and physical activity resources available.

British Columbians who are blind, visually impaired, deaf blind, or are blind/visually impaired and have additional disabilities will experience the enjoyment of achieving a healthy active lifestyle through participation in physical activity, physical education, recreation, outdoor pursuits, and sport at their chosen level.

  • Activity introduction programs throughout B.C. for all age and skill levels
  • Opportunities through physical activity to meet other children and youth who are blind, visually impaired, deaf-blind, or are blind/visually impaired and have additional disabilities
  • Equipment loan program
  • Professional, individualized, physical activity and physical education consultations
  • Train volunteers to act as sighted activity guides
  • Provide athletes who are blind, visually impaired, deaf blind, or are blind/visually impaired and have additional disabilities as mentors for children
  • Provide education and advocacy advice on the importance of physical activity in a healthy lifestyle
  • Conduct, review, and respond to current research on participation in physical activity
  • Seek program ideas and input from the individuals and their families who access our programs.

In most events, athletes are classified according to the degree of vision they have.  This classification system (see below) helps makes the Games fair for athletes with different disabilities. Select a sport and learn the types of modifications that these sports use to allow a person with a visual impairment to participate, as well as to see results and athlete profiles for each sport.  BCBSRA members compete in the following sports at various levels, from the local club competition, to regional, Provincial Games, the National Championships, and international events and championships or the Paralympic Games:

Athletics (Track and Field)
Dragon Boat
Lawn Bowls
Tandem Cycling

Provincial Office Contact Information:
Telephone (604) 325.8638
Address: #330 - 5055 Joyce Street, Vancouver , B.C. V5R 6B2

B.C. Mobility Opportunities Society
Location: Vancouver
Type of Sport(s) and/or Recreation: Hiking, Gliding

Click for more about the B.C. Mobility Opportunities Society

BCMOS is an independent non-profit society dedicated to enriching the lives of people with significant physical disabilities through wilderness recreation activities.

BCMOS was founded in 1985 to make it possible for people with physical disabilities to access B.C.'s great outdoors. Excursions range from day hikes to challenging treks.

Since 1995, the centerpiece of BCMOS's programs has been the TrailRider, a specially designed wilderness access vehicle. With one wheel, and "sherpas" back and front, the TrailRider can tackle any terrain. It has twice summited Kilimanjaro, but also allowed countless fishing trips, school outings and family afternoons outdoors.

BCMOS will run a variety of seasonal programs through summer 2009: hikes, which will include day excursions and theme hikes, a highly popular gliding program.

We also make TrailRiders available for rental ($10 per day), year round. For details, call (604) 688.6464 ext. 117.

Our focus this year will be on outreach, making people with disabilities aware of the TrailRider and how it helps create recreational opportunities for individuals and families. TrailRiders can be found in many communities across North America.

Phone: (604) 222.1312
Address: Suite 207 - 3077 Granville Street, Vancouver, B.C.,  V6H 3J9

B.C. Wheelchair Basketball Society
Location: Provincial - Multiple Locations
Type of Sport(s) and/or Recreation: Basketball

Click for more about the B.C. Wheelchair Basketball Society

The B.C. Wheelchair Basketball Society (B.C.WBS) is a non-profit organization, formed in 1983 and registered with Revenue Canada as a charity since 1985. Since its inception, the society has been a catalyst in creating awareness about disability issues and has provided support to wheelchair basketball programs throughout British Columbia. Our programs are offered to people who have physical disabilities and people who do not, and to all age groups, from eight-year-olds to seniors. Wheelchair basketball is for anyone who wishes to participate.

B.C. Wheelchair Basketball Society provides support to wheelchair basketball programs throughout British Columbia.

Phone: (604) 333.3530
Fax: (604) 333.3450
Address: #210 3820 Cessna Drive, Richmond B.C. V7B 0A2

Okanagan and Greater Vancouver
Contact Person: Joe Higgins

Northern B.C.
Contact Person: Pat Harris

B.C. Wheelchair Sport Association
Location: Provincial - Multiple Locations
Type of Sport(s) and/or Recreation: Multiple Sports - Athletics, Basketball, Curling, Floor Hockey, Rugby, Target Sports, Tennis

Click for more about the B.C. Wheelchair Sport Association

B.C. Wheelchair Sports is a not-for-profit organization devoted to providing opportunities for athletes with physical disabilities. Since being founded in 1971, we have worked to provide access to quality programs for athletes with disabilities. This has always been our focus and continues to be what drives us. In partnership with other Provincial Wheelchair Sports Societies across Canada, B.C.WSA is dedicated to promoting Wheelchair Sport and community awareness.

Should you have any questions about what you can do to help, please contact us.


B.C. Wheelchair Sports supports the growth and development of four member and three associate member sports: Athletics, Basketball, Floor Hockey, Rugby, Target Sports, Tennis and Curling. Each of these is played by athletes from the casual beginner level all the way to the elite level. Whether weekend recreation or organised competitions are your interest, there are many opportunities for everyone to get involved.

Address: 210-3820 Cessna Drive, Richmond, B.C. V7B 0A2
Phone: (604) 333.3520
Fax: (604) 333.3450
Toll Free: 1.877.737.3090

Boorman Archery
Location: New Westminster
Type of Sport(s) and/or Recreation: Archery

Click for more about Boorman Archery

Boorman Archery provides classes throughout the year for adults and Christmas and Summer camps for kids . Students are trained by Certified Professional Archery Instructors. The styles you will learn are Recurve, Longbow, and Compound.

Archers with disabilities can join the general lessons or request private lessons.

Phone: (604)-524-1674
Fax: (604) 524-1382
Address:422A East Columbia Street, New Westminster

Blind Archery
Location: Abbotsford
Type of Sport(s) and/or Recreation: Archery

Click for more about the BC Archery Association and Blind Archery

MISSION STATEMENT: To promote and support the sport of Archery in British Columbia and Canada.

VISION STATEMENT: We are committed to maintaining and supporting a family orientated archery organization.  We strive to reach as large an archery population as possible in B.C. We are also committed to attaining the highest level in our involvement in multi-sport games.  Our mandate is to fulfil the policies and procedures as laid out in our Regulations Manual.

Contact Person: Susan Lemke
Phone:   (604) 607.1116

Bridging the Gap
Location: Throughout B.C.
Type of Sport(s) and/or Recreation: Wheelchair Basketball, Wheelchair Rugby, Wheelchair Tennis

Click for more about Bridging the Gap

Getting physically active if you have a disability can be challenging. Where do you start? What wheelchair sports can you play? How do you get the right equipment? How do you find a program nearby?

That’s where Bridging the Gap: Getting Physically Active comes in. Our program is open to all, regardless of age, fitness level, or injury. As long as you think you would benefit from wheelchair sports, you’re welcome to join us!

We offer:

  1.  Have a Go Days: Our Program Coordinators across Canada host Have a Go Days and other events that allow people with disabilities to try a variety of wheelchair sports in a fun, supportive atmosphere. We provide everything from the sports wheelchairs to the straps to the equipment. If you need transportation to the event, we can arrange it. Best of all: it’s free! To check out upcoming Have a Go Days, click here.
  2.  Referrals: Our core sports are wheelchair basketball, wheelchair rugby and wheelchair tennis. If you’re interested in another sport, we’ll connect you with the right people and help you get involved. Simply contact a program coordinator in a province near you.
  3.  Wheelchair Loans: Sports wheelchairs are expensive, but don’t let the cost of equipment deter you. If you choose to continue, your provincial coordinator can often have your rental fees subsidized.
  4.  Wheelchair Sport Development Programs and Clinics: Found a sport you love? We’ll help you find a place to train and take those next steps. Whether you want to play on a recreational level or you have dreams of the Paralympics, we can put you in touch with the program closest to you.
  5.  Mentorship And Other Support: One great way to adapt to life with a newly acquired disability is to meet people who are living with a similar disability. We offer peer mentorship on both a formal and informal basis. We also offer other kinds of support. Want company for your first practice? We’ll do that. Having trouble finding transportation? We’ll do that too.

British Columbia Contacts:
Holly Tawse

Kevin Bowie

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Canucks Autism Network
Location: Victoria, Vancouver, Kelowna, Kamloops, Fraser Valley, Vancouver Island, Northern BC
Sport or Recreation: Basketball, Bike, Camp (Overnight), Gymnastics, Hockey, Music, Physical Literacy, Skate, Soccer, Swim, Adaptive Yoga

Canucks Autism Network Contact Information:
Phone: (604) 685.4049
Address: 101 - 2020 Yukon St. Vancouver, BC, V5Y 3N8

The Canucks Autism Network has delivered adapted sports and rec programs to individuals and families living with Autism, while also increasing awareness and providing training opportunities across BC since 2008. We are a non-profit that was founded by part owners of the Vancouver Canucks, Paolo and Clara Aquilini.

Cold Water Ranch Lodge
Location: Meritt
Sport or Recreation: Respite Lodge

The Cold Water Ranch Lodge is a fully accessible lodge, created by Abilitas Foundation. Kids and adults living with disabilities can use this lodge at no charge, together with their families. A place to rest, recharge, and reconnect, for those who need it most.


Community Recreational Initiatives Society
Location: Kelowna
Sport or Recreation: Camping, Cycling, Cross-Country Skiing, Hiking, Kayaking, Rock Climbing, Snowshoeing, Wilderness Camping

Community Recreational Initiatives Society
(CRIS) Adaptive Adventures offers an exciting variety of outdoor and wilderness programs to outdoor enthusiasts with disabilities. They offer daily programs that are based out of the Okanagan Valley in the heart of beautiful natural British Columbia, such as paddling, hiking, or cycling. For further information, please click on the link:

Office Phone 250.979.3941
Hours Office Hours: Mon-Fri, 9am-4 pm 
Contact Information Mailing Address: c/o Mission Park RPO, PO Box 25141, Kelowna, BC, V1W 3Y7

Primary Contact Kerri Henry, Program Director;
Alternate ContactKatie Johnston, Executive Director;

Provides kayaking, hiking, and cycling, camping, wilderness camping, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and rock climbing opportunities for people with disabilities

Offers daily programs throughout the year and multi-day trips upon request Kayaking is offered from April through September. Hiking and cycling are offered year round (depending on weather). Cross-country skiing and snowshoeing are offered during the winter months (depending on snow). Camping and multi-day trips are by request


Dance Without Limits
Location: Richmond, Surrey
Type of Sport(s) and/or Recreation: Dance

Click for more about Dance Without Limits

Dance without Limits offers a safe, active environment for people with various disabilities to learn about and explore dance. Please note that participants who may require substantial physical or behavioural support may be asked to attend alongside a guardian or support worker.

We are currently recruiting volunteers to help at our programs in Surrey and Richmond. To inquire about these opportunities, please contact us via the information below.

Location: Richmond - East Richmond Community Hall, next to Cambie Community Centre
Organization: Cerebral Palsy Association of BC
Phone: 604-408-9484

Location: Surrey - Chuck Bailey Recreation Centre, 13458 107 Avenue
Organization: Cerebral Palsy Association of BC
Phone: 604-408-9484

Disabled Independent Gardeners Association
Location: Vancouver
Type of Sport(s) and/or Recreation: Gardening

Click for more about the Disabled Independent Gardeners Association

DIGA enables people with physical disabilities to enhance their quality of life through involvement in gardening.

DIGA offers gardening workshops and events specifically for persons with disabilities.

Phone: (604) 688.6464
Address: Suite 207-3077 Granville Street
Vancouver, B.C. V6H 3J9

Disabled Sailing Association
Location: Provincial - Multiple Locations
Type of Sport(s) and/or Recreation: Sailing

Click for more about the Disabled Sailing Association

The Disabled Sailing Association

Sailing for people with significant physical disabilities got its start in Canada in 1989, when Sam Sullivan used a British-made Sunbird dinghy to launch the first few sails at the Jericho Sailing Centre on English Bay.

The original Sunbird had been presented to Rick Hansen by Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher during Expo '86 in Vancouver to mark the end of his ‘Man in Motion’ world tour.

During that first summer, sailors with quadriplegia, paraplegia and other significant physical disabilities logged a total of 22 sails. These were pioneers – for the first time these individuals were able to leave their wheelchairs behind and take up a sport independently.

No other activities offer this level of freedom. Disabled sailing caught on quickly.

Today, the Disabled Sailing Association of B.C. (DSA-B.C.) operates eight specially designed Martin 16 sailboats and hosts between 800 and 1,000 sailing experiences annually at Jericho and more from its affiliated branches in Victoria, Chemainus and Kelowna.

Inspired by DSA-B.C. and Sam Sullivan’s efforts to expose more and more people with very high levels of physical disabilities to the sport, adaptive sailing has now spread across Canada, throughout the US and around the world. Disabled sailing now plays a major role in the Summer Paralympics every four years.

Vancouver Location Contact Information:
Address: Jericho Sailing Centre, 1300 Discovery Street
Vancouver, B.C.  V6R 4L9
Phone: (604) 222.3003
Fax: (604) 222.3004

Ladysmith Contact Information:
Phone: (250) 246.9971
Address: Cowichan Valley Disabled Sailing Program, c/o Ladysmith Maritime Society,
Box 598, 132C Roberts Street
Ladysmith, B.C.  V9G 1A4

Victoria Contact Information:
Phone: (250) 477.6314
Address: c/o Recreation Integration Victoria, 4135 Lambrick Way
Victoria, B.C.  V8N 5R3

Kelowna Contact Information:
Phone: (250)-300-5833 or (250)-860-7990
Address:  Kelowna Yacht Club, 1414 Water Street
Kelowna, BC V1Y 1J1

Disabled Skiers Association of BC
Location: Provincial - Multiple Locations
Type of Sport(s) and/or Recreation: Skiing

Click for more about the Disabled Skiers Association of BC

The Disabled Skiers Association of BC

SThe Disabled Skiers Association of BC has been delivering adaptive snowsports program throughout BC since 1973. Their programs, from the grass roots level to the BC Para Alpine Ski Team aims at introducing individuals with cognitive and/or physical disabilities to the freedom and therapeutic benefits of skiing and snowboarding.

Contact Information:
Address: 780 SW Marine Drive,
Vancouver, BC, V6P 5Y7
Phone: (604) 333.3630


Errington Therapeutic Riding Association
Location: Parksville
Type of Sport(s) and/or Recreation: Equestrian

Click for more about the Errington Therapeutic Riding Association

ETRA History
Errington Therapeutic Riding Association initially began as a back yard pleasure riding session for three challenged high school students. In the years to follow a group of volunteers committed themselves to structure a program in therapeutic riding following the guidelines of the Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association. E.T.R.A. became a registered Society in 1989. As a member of CanTRA and B.C. Therapeutic Riding Association we enjoy many benefits such as ongoing education, an insurance package and an Instructor certification program.

E.T.R.A.’s Instructors are fully certified by the Canadian Equestrian Federation and the Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association and hold current First Aid Certificates.

Our volunteers are the backbone of the operation. Without them we would not be able to ride. All volunteers are given an in-depth training session before they begin. Safety is stressed as well as their needed commitment. To date, up to 40 clients enjoy each of the eight-week sessions assisted by 40 to 50 volunteers.

We hope, as a group of volunteers, that we all can help those with challenges and serve our community to the best of our ability.

Location:1515 Island Highway East in Nanoose Bay
Mailing Address: Box 462 Parksville B.C., V9P 2G6





InterFit - The Integrated Fitness Society
Location: North Vancouver
Type of Sport(s) and/or Recreation: Hiking

Click for more about InterFit - The Integrated Fitness Society

InterFit Mission
Work to provide people living with disabilities, full access to indoor and outdoor fitness and recreation opportunities, promote mental and physical wellness, reduce isolation and promote integration with the intent of creating the most inclusive community in Canada.

After working with the William Griffin ReCentre for five years and raising over funds to created safe dignified access to the pool, purchase adapted weight training equipment and renovated the facility. In December 2005 we turned our focus to outdoor activities and we began putting together a strategic outdoor recreation plan.

North Shore Adapted Hiking (NSAH)
This initiative is a one of a kind on the North Shore Our hiking program relies heavily on volunteers, a volunteer coordinator and summer students. Hikes are scheduled twice a week generally Fridays and Saturdays around noon lasting 1 to 3 hours but with planning and volunteer availability other days and times can be made available.

The riders pay a seasonal $15 hiking fee and get their first hike free and pay $5 per hike by donation thereafter. If individuals require physical or financial assistance Contact Coming soon a bursary application will be made available on line at (approval can take up to two weeks)

Desirable Trails
Lynn headwaters Park and the Seymour Demonstration Forest (SDF) in North Vancouver offer ideal terrain for our adapted wheelchairs, with varying degrees of ease or difficulty for both the rider and their helpers (Sherpa’s). This gives riders and Sherpa’s a chance to work up to more challenging trails and adventures. Interfit uses the offroadchair - ORC a two wheeled mountain bike chair that requires one to two Sherpa’s depending on the terrain, and the Trailrider that requires two Sherpa’s at all times regardless of the terrain. Easy access to parking, wide trails and the wilderness experience offer local residents and visitors easy affordable access to the outdoors of the North Shore.

User groups
People living with disabilities and the many group homes on the north shore and there families were the initial focus but with each year as more people become aware of what we have to offer the number of visitors/riders increases. Seniors also need opportunities to be outdoors but can’t always manage the hike; this demographic is rapidly growing creating more users, along with a growing number of disabled travelers. We see the North Shore as premier cultural and recreational destination, promoting equality and inclusion for people living with disabilities. With easy access to indoor and outdoor fitness and recreation opportunities we can attract disabled visitors to our community and create commerce by doing so. Our timing couldn’t be any better with the 2010 Olympics and Paralympics rapidly approaching. We, have a chance to showcase our inclusive community to the rest of the world while providing exceptional opportunities to explore and discover what the North Shore has to offer.

Volunteer Opportunities
North Shore Adapted Hiking offers volunteers the opportunity to help those that need an extra hand and the chance to get involved and give back to the community without opening their wallets. Networks and friendships are often built through these types of team experiences.

The Future
As we build our user and volunteer base and sustainability for NSAH InterFit plans to expand and create accessible adventures such as camping and kayaking trips that are suitable for all individuals regardless of their abilities.



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